Battery and Charger Inspection


MPS can perform inspections to help your facilities experience improved battery performance, safe operation, higher productivity and extended life.

Battery Inspection:

  • Measure and record all cell voltages
  • Measure and record specific gravity readings
  • Visually inspect battery cables, connectors and contact tips
  • Visually inspect jar to cover seals for cracks or leaks
  • Visually inspect and report integrity of steel tray and lifting ears
  • Inspect safety equipment for functionality, placement and operation
  • Inspect and correct battery voltage grounds.
  • Inspect and replace missing connector insulators and vent caps.
  • Inspect watering devices and procedures.

Charger Inspection:

  • Measure, record, and adjust as necessary charger start and finish rate
  • Check charger operation timer functionality and ammeter accuracy
  • Inspect charging cables, connectors, and contact tips
  • Inspect AC and DC fuses for correct size and thermal distortion of blocks

With each inspection we will make necessary repairs on-site that are possible to perform safely. After all batteries are checked, repaired, washed and replaced in the trucks. A written report is prepared to detail any further repairs that need to be made in shop. Noted in this report is a listing of any procedural changes and/or safety issues that need to be addressed.