Battery Wash Service


MPS offers an on-site, completely self-contained, battery cleaning service. Our service ensures full compliance with all applicable EPA, DOT, OSHA and local environmental requirements. All acid residues are neutralized on-site and leave in our truck. Nothing goes down your drain!

Acid corrosion causes surface shorts which continually discharge your battery causing overheating, overcharging and possible cell failure. This may cause serious problems or failure to electronic controls or components of your lift trucks. A neutralizing wash will eliminate these problems. By utilizing this service you no longer have to concern yourself with the environmental consideration or expense of:

  • Wastewater disposal
  • Discharge permits
  • Purchase & maintenance of expensive equipment
  • Floor space dedicated to battery washing
  • Costly employee training and work time
  • Expensive battery downtime for do-it-yourself washing
  • Contamination of surface water, ground water, and soil
  • Potential liability for environmental clean-up

Not only does this service save you considerable time and eliminate employee involvement, it delivers the benefits of clean batteries. Extended battery life, reduced grounding problems and lower battery repair costs are the results.

In conjunction with washing your batteries, MPS can perform inspections to help your facilities experience improved battery performance, safe operation, higher productivity and extended life.