Millennium SPW™ Features

Why Millennium SPW™ is superior to other SPW brands:

New, patented breakthrough technology

Three new worldwide patented technologies allow Millennium SPW™ to be used wherever single point watering is needed. It allows Millennium SPW™ to be a truly universal system.

Widest pressure range and can be used with any SPW water supply

They are compatible with Snap-Fill™, PowerStream™, Philadelphia Scientific, and BFS water supplies. Just use the appropriate quick coupler on the Millennium SPW™ system to match the available water supply.

Acid, temperature, and impact resistant

Millennium SPW™ valve components are constructed of the same material as battery cases so they last the lifetime of the battery.

Patented tubing

A special material is used that is inert in battery acid liquid and fumes. Unlike PVC tubing commonly used in competitive SPW systems, Millennium SPW™ tubing will last the lifetime of the battery. It won’t get sticky or deteriorate.

Low profile

Valves and tubing sit below the inter-cell connectors to stay out of harms way. This is especially important where the battery compartment has low clearance above the battery, and where batteries are manually handled.

Easy to install

Valves feature patented 3-port swivel connectors that allow versatile tube routing. Pop-in swivels feature a new easy in/hard out design eliminating o-ring damage. The tubing can be routed easily without strain or kinking. The water supply feed tube can be connected where convenient, not just at one end of the string.

Five year warranty

All battery mounted Millennium SPW™ components are warranted for five years against defects in materials or workmanship.

Easy and economical ordering

New packaging options provide a new standard for convenience and economy.